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Staff Promises

This afternoon the winners of each 'Staff Promise' were drawn in a special assembly. All of the children were very excited and it was wonderful to see children being very respectful to each other when they won and the support they gave each other when their friends did not win. It is also fantastic to see such a large amount of children taking part which help raised money at our Christmas Fayre.


The winners are as follows:


Decopatch at Poppies

Sophie - Swallowtails


Hot Chocolate at Annies

Harry - Admirals

Daniel - Skippers



Wilson - Admirals

Sienna - Emperors


Afternoon of Activities

Alfie F - Swallowtails

Imogen S-S - Admirals

Freddie - Admirals

William - Skippers


Dinner at Pizza Hut

Arthur - Swallowtails



Lucy M - Emperors

Fay - Skippers


Theatre Trip

Annabel - Emperors


Lunch in Early for One Week

Oscar - Admirals

Tom - Emperors


Afternoon of Baking

Millie - Swallowtails

Lucy S - Emperors


Christmas Crafts

Sophie - Emperors

Grace - Emperors


Pizza Making and a Movie

Georgina - Emperors

Ben K - Emperors

Henry - Swallowtails


Star Wars - The Force Awakens - Cinema Trip

Liam - Emperors

Oliver - Emperors

Ben W - Emperors


The staff who are responsible for the promise will inform you as soon as possible when your child will be taking part especially if it is offsite. If you have any questions regarding the staff promises please let me know.