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The Sound of Music

This week saw the much anticipated performances of our Christmas Production - 'The Sound of Music'. It began on Monday afternoon with a dress rehearsal for our volunteers and people from the community. 


Mrs Holton, who comes in for Guided Reading said 'The children did so well, they were visibly having fun and working together beautifully. What a lot of words and movements to remember!' 


The first night ran smoothly with Mr Dodson scoring the children a 9.99999999 out of 10. Primrose's singing was fantastic as well as the rest of the cast.


On Tuesday, Mr Dodson and Mr Burt perfected their Star Wars part and the children performed even better than on Monday night scoring a whopping 100/10. Oliver even remembered to say decorum correctly!


Thank you to everyone who supported the children learning their lines and the words to the songs. All of our staff did a fantastic job, whether it was painting the backdrop, organising costumes, selling tickets, making props and helping to organise the children. We really appreciate everyone's part they played.


We all hope you enjoyed it and we can't wait for the next one. Take a look at some of the pictures from one of our performances below.