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Year 1,2,3 inter-house football

This morning the School Sport Organising Crew (SSOC) ran their first entire event. Having participated in the year 4,5,6 inter house football competition before Christmas the crew were very keen to open up this event to the rest of the school. We had hoped to do this in the same week as the traditional competition before Christmas but rain stopped play and we had to postpone.

The crew decided, having considered the requirements of the year groups, to change the event for the younger members of the school to encourage more children to participate and to promote sport for all. They designed 6 football skills activities that ALL the children in years 1,2 and 3 would rotate around.

This morning the crew set up their activities and designed a way to score to them so that all the participants would earn points for their house. The activities ranged from dribbling, to passing, to shooting, to throw ins.

I was incredibly proud of everyone that was involved in this mornings competition. The crew did an amazing job of running the entire event, encouraging the competitors and coaching them along the way. The competitors enthusiastically tackled all the activities and enjoyed participating in a competition designed specifically for them.

A quote from the day from an originally very reluctant footballer in year 1 sums up the purpose and outcome of what the crew were trying to achieve today 'It was the best football I have ever done'.

Well done to the crew and what will become an annual event and to all budding footballers in years 1,2 and 3.