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Year 5 Test Valley Day

What an amazing day!  It was great to be 'reunited' with the Year 5's again today, by joining them on their day trip to the local secondary school where they participated in several fun events with other local primary schools, such as a whacky boat race and rocket launch.  The children, and myself, thoroughly enjoyed the event, with groups trying really hard on their boat construction and rocket designs. 


I was especially impressed with the children's contributions to when the secondary teachers were talking to all the schools; showing their superb science knowledge throughout!  (we must have answered 75-80% of all their questions!).


And... not only were the children trying their hardest, contributing willingly, reflecting their excellent manners and composure, but we won the rocket competition, bringing home Lockerley's first 1st place in any event this academic year!!!!!  Yes, Year 5, yes!!!  When it seemed that several other schools had launched their rockets the highest (and by quite a margin), up stepped our last pair: Danny H and Matthew W.  They were our last hope.  Their rocket absolutely shot into the air, flying the straightest, smoothest and highest by far!  It was clear then that we would bring back the bacon, but that did not stop the sporting celebration when they called out the victors!  Well done Year 5, any teacher would have been honoured to be with you today!