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Autumn 1

Milestones Museum

We had a fantastic day at Milestones Museum today learning all about how toys and games have changed over time. We had two workshops in the morning; one was learning all about how toys have changed over time and realising that we still play with some toys that have been around since the 1950s!; the other workshop was playing some traditional games like they did in the Victorian times. The children particularly liked playing Hopscotch and Grandma's footsteps. After lunch we had some time to explore the museum and look at the different shops and vehicles from the past - the children particularly liked the waxwork man in the outhouse! A fabulous day was had by all and the children were superbly well behaved and a credit to the school.

William Morris Art

We continued to look at the artist William Morris in art who uses a lot of nature inspired patterns. We decided to go out into the garden and see what patterns we could found. There are lots of textures in the garden that you can create patterns with such as leaves, bark, tyres and the artificial grass. Mrs Grayson also worked with some children to create a beautiful piece of art using objects from nature.

History with Nanny

Nanny talked to the children today about what toys and games she used to play with when she was a little girl. The children were fascinated to hear all about how different her life was to ours now. They learnt that there were no cars, no televisions, no phones and that you only had to have a bath once a week! They couldn't believe that Nanny didn't have a toilet in her house so to replicate this if the children needed the toilet they had to go outside and back into the toilet via the peacock room! It was an even more realistic experience because it was raining! The children then had the challenge of only playing with things Nanny would have had to play with - we had some super games of marbles, tiddly winks and tag.

Pirate PE

Junipers had a fantastic first PE session out in the sunshine. Year R went out first to explore how we could use balance on the trim trial and then they explored using different equipment including blind footballs and tennis rackets. Year 1 and 2 then came out and joined us and we listened to a story about pirate Destiny needing help to become a pirate captain and escape Captain Blackbeard. We had to complete lots of challenges to help Destiny including smuggling treasure and hopping on rocks so as not to fall in the sea and get eaten by sharks!

Story Telling

This week we have been looking at the story 'Traction Man'. Inspired by that story the children brought in their own action toys and told their own stories of how the toys saved the day. We had Candy the Camel saving the cacti in the dessert from the evil sand timer. A very naughty witch who trapped the numberblocks under a skittle and had to be saved by sonic; Barbie's who had to save ducks in the water tray and Batman who had to save some men from the jaws of an evil crocodile!

Year Rs first week

We couldn't be more proud of the way that year R have settled into school. They have had a busy week not only learning about the way we do thing in Junipers but also taking part in bikeability. They have enjoyed having lunch with their buddies this week to help them learn the routines of the lunch hall and to get to know their buddies. It has been so lovely seeing how their characters and confidence have come out more and more as the week has gone on. So much learning has taken place this week and the children have responded brilliantly.

Fire Safety for Year 2

The year 2s had a fantastic visit from the fire service today. They learnt all about the role of the fire brigade, the importance of fire safety and what to do in an emergency. The children were very respectful, listened well and came back and told the other children in Junipers all about what they had learnt. The children were so inspired they took their learning into their play making a fire station and a fire engine in the DT room.


Junipers have really enjoyed exploring our new DT room. The children have a vast range of resources to make and create all kinds of weird and wonderful things. We used a play project to understand the importance of using hacksaws, hammers and glue guns safely and then the children demonstrated their understanding through what they had created. 


Year R and 1 are having a brilliant week in the sunshine doing balance bike training. They have learnt how to do safety checks on themselves and their bikes, how to stop safely and how to perform a push and glide. 

Junipers First Day

Junipers had a brilliant first day back and have really enjoyed exploring the new bits in the classroom. The year 2s have taken on the responsibility of their new roles with dedication and we now have a fantastic snack team, who run the snack shop, and the time team who make sure the teachers are on time for everything. It's shaping up to already be an amazing year in Junipers.