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Autumn 1

Emperors have designed and produced their own flapjacks, inspired by Central American and British fruit. The children tasted different fruits and decided as a group on their favourite combined fruits. They then wrote their own recipes, prepapred their own fruits and baked their final product. Visitors to our Macmillan Coffee morning sampled the flapjacks and evaluated them.

To help discover knew describing words and figurative language the children tasted many different sweets before they 'invent' their own sweet treat.

The children enjoyed an Active Teach lesson to challenge their factors knowledge

Emperors have been working on ‘Light’ within their science unit. They have really persevered and worked as a team to help each other produce periscopes, which of course use reflection of light to be able to see around corners.

Emperors were investigating the Law of Reflection in Science today, along with starting their longitudinal study on shadow length. They were able to decide if they had proven the Law of Reflection or not.

Emperors were comparing timelines for different civilisations, they were learning about how they overlapped, the duration and where each civilisation was situated.

Mayan inspired hot chocolate

Visit from Flo's Dad - Paediatric Eye Consultant - we learnt about light and how the eye works, some of us even had a go at being a surgeon!

Game of Tag Rugby

Outdoor Learning - Tying ourselves in knots

Meet the Teacher Emperors 2023-2024

Year 5 Fire Safety Talk

Children acting out main characters from The Rain Player and thinking of direct speech they could use

The Rain Player - ordering pictures and predicting the myth, hearing the story in our beautiful school garden,

Mayan Artefacts

What an amazing first week back we have had! Emperors have been incredible on their return to school, showing great independence and resilience, well done to all of you.  

We got straight to it with our learning, number and place value in maths, The Rain Player as our English text driver, spellings from the year 5/6 spelling list, PE - gymnastics using our shapes and individual balances, PSHE, French and History, it's exhausting just reading that list! We still have science and computing to go.

We have discussed our topic question 'Which is the best invention?' The children deciding which invention, at present, they believe to be the best. We had a special delivery of fragile artefacts from the Mayan Civilisation, which led us to investigate what the items were, how they were used and finally do we have anything resembling those items now? Finally the children were able to sketch and describe their favourite artefacts.