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Summer 1

Year 6 enjoying the end of Sats, den building and having fun in sun.

Following pencil sketching using proportion skills, the children used 'Scratch Art' to recreate Greek Urns.

During our Science lesson on forces, the children investigated water-resistance.

To stimulate their writing, the children in Emperors used a Zone of Relevance to find appropriate language for their explanation texts.

The children have been learning about databases. In computing, we used different animals and their features to provide us with data and to identify different fields as a way to organise and sort our data.

As part of our Create term, we explored moving to music based on Greek sports, especially with this being an Olympics year.

To prepare ourselves for a cricket competition, Emperors developed their catching skills today in PE.

The children were challenged to find definitions and synonyms related to their text driver Leo and the Gorgons Curse, they loved this quest in our beautiful school grounds.

Our science unit of forces was introduced to the class. The children were challenged with finding the most aerodynamic model for a haulage company. The children investigated how the positioning of fairings affects the push/ air resistance on the lorry. We completed this by writing to Eddie Stobart, Rolls Royce and Davies Turner to ask how they make their vehicle aerodynamic.

In English we started our unit with a scavenger hunt based on Greek Gods, thankfully the weather complied.