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Autumn 2

Swallowtails and Emperors teamed up for our first French day! We learned French greetings, numbers to 20, and names for French food items. We then used our knowledge to order food in our own French cafe! It was tres bien!

Emperors enjoyed a trip to Burseldon Brickwork museum to see how the Industrial Revolution changed local areas, all linked to our Victorian learning.

Using our understanding of the first quadrant in maths and our work on suspension bridges in Design and Technology, Emperors produce parabola curve Christmas cards, with excellent results.

Final work on our bridges, we are lloking forward to sharing them with you at our Celebration of Learning.

Victorian Day was a huge success, aided by loss of power which gave a very authentic finale to the day. The children took part in script, Bible Studies, needlework, Arithmetic and Victorian Play.

More images from our Calligraphy day

An amazing morning spent with Chief Scribe from Winchester Cathedral - learning the foundation skills for calligraphy - as part of our History unit.