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Summer 2


We have enjoyed starting a new witch related English topic, this time The Wizard of Oz. Having watched the film at the end of Camp Swallowtails, we are preparing to write to write a debate on whether or not Dorothy should have gone home at the end. To prepare for this, we have been practising our persuasive debating skills, and took part in a conscience alley where we wrote arguments for and against the wizard's choices in the film.

Outdoor Learning

We took part in an art activity called Hapa Zome, which is where plants are folded into material and hit, allowing them to dye the fabric. We used this technique to create Father's Day cards.


We have been learning about sculpture in art. We learned about some famous sculptures and what they are built from. Inspired by our learning about The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, we created the white witch's garden which is full of creatures that she has turned to stone! We designed our creatures in our books, then practised different clay sculpting techniques before creating our final projects. We have shared our sculptures with artists at Roche Court.

Camp Swallowtails!

We had an amazing time at Camp Swallowtails! We walked to Lockerley Water Farm, and spent the evening playing games and setting up our dormitories. We enjoyed a fire pit where we toasted marshmallows and listened to stories, before heading to bed. After a "good" night's sleep, we enjoyed pastries for breakfast and parachute games on the field before heading back to school - tired but happy!


In RE, we have been learning about the Hindu celebration of Mahashiviratri. We found out about how Hindus show devotion to their gods through puja. We learned about different objects used, including a bell to signify being ready for worship, diva lamps, and kum kum powder to mark the forehead as sign of respect.