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Autumn 2

Merry Christmas from Team Swallowtails!

Ukulele Concert

Swallowtails played the music they have learnt this term on the ukulele to the rest of the school and to family members. We played lots of different pieces using plucking and strumming, including 'Row, row, row your boat', 'Starlight, star bright' and 'Rudolph the red nosed reindeer'.


Swallowtails and Emperors teamed up for our first French day! We learned French greetings, numbers to 20, and names for French food items. We then used our knowledge to order food in our own French cafe! It was tres bien! 


Swallowtails class finished our learning about the Romans with a Roman feast! We tried different foods that we have learned about in History, especially those eaten by Roman soldiers, like radishes, olives and grapes!


Swallowtails have been learning about reflection in Science. We tested different materials to see which is the most reflective in order to design a book bag which would help us to be seen when walking home in the dark.


Some of Year 4 enjoyed playing a game of 'factor hoopla' on the playground, with the aim of finding factor pairs of given numbers.

Year 4 Dictionaries

Thank you to the Romsey Rotary Club for gifting dictionaries to Year 4.

Outdoor Learning

We continued our learning about the Roman Empire in our Outdoor Learning this week by having a go at creating our own aqueduct! We were challenged to transport water from one end of the classroom, and due to our amazing team work we were successful!


We explored our Roman soldier History box and thought about the question "Roman Soldiers: Fighters or Builders?" We tried on replica armour, but also learned about the other items that soldiers would have carried including tools for building roads, food, money and toiletries.

DT - Roman epaulettes

We worked really hard on designing and making our own epaulettes to wear as part of the Roman Army! We learned how to sew running stitch, and how to attach buttons, and thought about how to make an effective emblem for our design. They look really effective, and we were really proud of our finished pieces.

Remembrance - Outdoor Learning

In our Outdoor Learning session, we made poppies from sticks and woven wool. They helped us reflect on the meaning of Remembrance day, and made a really effective display at the front of school.

History - Roman Day

To launch our new History topic, we took part in Roman Day. Some of us chose to embrace the theme with costumes which helped us to get into character. We took part in a number of activities including learning about Roman Numerals, speaking some Latin, designing mosaics and practising our Roman inspired dance. We also took part in some Roman Army drills using our shields, and learned formations including square, orb and tortoise.


We started Autumn 2 with our RE project. We learned about the Hindu festival of Diwali, the festival of light. We shared our understanding of good and evil, and learned the story of Rama and Sita. We made our own diwa lamps to share our understanding of this festival, and coloured in rangoli patterns, which are used to welcome guests as part of Diwali celebrations.