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Spring 2

Marwell Zoo

We were really excited to share our animal interviews with Emma Fletcher, from the zoo's Education Team. She was so impressed that she has displayed our book in the Gift Shop to share with visitors!

Well done Swallowtails!


We finished Spring Term by learning about Easter in R.E. We compared three crosses - a palm cross representing Palm Sunday, a crucifix representing Good Friday, and an empty cross representing Easter Sunday. We recreated these in artwork using origami, water colour and collage, and shared them at Church.


We also learned about the Danish custom of 'snowdrop cards', where Easter cards are given with disguised handwriting, and if you correctly guess the author you win a chocolate egg!

Happy Easter from Swallowtails Class!


We enjoyed sharing our clarinet learning from Spring Term in our end of term concert.


We have been learning about different parts of the world, and how the climate, animals and plants differ. We worked in groups to research biomes and presented our findings to the rest of the class.


In our new English unit, we have been exploring 'Interview with Animal' books by Andy Seed. We each chose an animal that we met at Marwell Zoo last week to interview, and researched fascinating facts about them. We were given a sliced up interview and were challenged to order it, making sure that the questions and answers matched. We also had to make sure that the entire interview was coherent, shared facts, and most importantly was fun! We look forward to sharing our interviews with the staff at Marwell Zoo. 

Marwell Zoo

We enjoyed a fantastic class visit to Marwell Zoo to help our English and Geography topics. We learned lots about different African animals (especially giraffes, zebras and rhinos) in two workshops, and had some close encounters with lemurs and some big cats!


We finished our learning about Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories, writing ideas for how animals gained their unique features. We enjoyed sharing them with Junipers.

Outdoor Learning

Junipers and Swallowtails teamed up as 'Team Junitails' for a really fun (if rainy) outdoor learning morning! We enjoyed playing in muddy puddles on the field and focused on our team work skills by playing different games and using our senses.

R.E. / P.S.H.E

Swallowtails and Emperors classes created a display inspired by Holocaust Memorial Day.


We have been learning about time in Swallowtails Class. We started by learning to read analogue clocks, building on our knowledge of o'clock and half past, and telling the time to the nearest five minutes and solving word problems. Year 4 learned to read digital clocks, and convert between 12 hour and 24 hour clocks. We enjoyed matching times in a fun game outside.

Outdoor Learning Festival

8 children from Swallowtails Class had a very fun (and very wet!) morning at an Outdoor Learning Festival! We took part in four activities including creating art work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, following a trail and memorising objects, creating clay tree portraits, and making stick men. We had a great time, showing great team work skills, and brought our own stick people home!