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Spring 2

Easter Gardens

As part of our learning about why Easter is important to Christians, we went into our outdoor area and created Easter Gardens that celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Science Day

Junipers had a fantastic science day on Wednesday. During our workshop with Professor Kaos we learnt all about how dry ice is different to normal ice and about how electricity is conducted. It was amazing to learn about such exciting real life science. We then had an online farming lesson with Farmer Fiona who taught us all about what a farmers job entails from feeding the animals to growing crops to fixing a broken tractor! After lunch we conducted our own investigation into what how different apples change over time. Of course we began by tasting lots of different apples and then we are going to leave them for a few days/weeks and see how they all change. Finally we studied the life cycle of the frog and played rock paper scissors outside, changing through each stage of the life cycle as we beat our opponents. We have had a great day!


Junipers had a visit from Vicar James today to talk to them about why Christians celebrate Easter. The children had thought of some questions to ask such as; do you wear special clothes at Easter? What happens on Easter Sunday? What is Lent? We all learnt lots and found out that Easter Sunday in the church is like a big party!

Outdoor Learning

Junipers and Swallowtails teamed up as 'Team Junitails' for a really fun (if rainy) outdoor learning morning! We enjoyed playing in muddy puddles on the field and focused on our team work skills by playing different games and using our senses.

Pancake Day

We were very lucky that Nanny came in to celebrate pancake day with us. She talked to the children about how the batter is mixed and the children all had a go at mixing the ingredients. Then she showed off her amazing pancake flipping skills and finally the children got to chose thier favourite topping - delicous!