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Autumn 2


We have had a wonderfully christmassy last week performing our nativity, singing carols at Greenview, having Christmas lunch and decorating gingerbread men!

Burning a guy on the bonfire

In history we have been learning about the role that Guy Fawkes played in the Gunpowder plot and why we burn a guy on the bonfire. On Friday we made our own guys and then had a bonfire to represent burning the guy and to help us remember what happened during the gunpowder plot.

A week in Junipers

We have had a very busy week in Junipers this week with anti-bullying week, Children in Need and a fantastic drama workshop. Have a look at all the wonderful learning that has taken place.

Den Building

We have been thinking about the purpose of different materials in science and have begun thinking about the best materials to build a den. Last week we found objects made of metal and talked about why this is a good material but not be so cosy for a den! This afternoon we went into the garden and looked at natural materials and thought what we might use to build a den that was comfy and waterproof and protected us from the elements. The children found lots of things we could use but only on a small scale so we decided to build dens for insects, worms and fairies.


We had a brilliant first day back after half term celebrating halloween. Not only were we dressed in spooky costumes but we also got to look at all the spooky pumpkins that the children had carved. We looked at our next book for the start of the half term 'Room on the Broom' and enjoyed creating some spooky potions and drawing dragons and pumpkins. During outdoor learning we made spiders webs from sticks and did some spooky pond dipping!