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Spring 1

Celebration of Learning

We really enjoyed sharing our learning with important adults in our lives. We challenged them with world map jigsaws and a Science animal categorising game. We also shared our Maths shape art work, and our Nelson Mandela biography writing which we were really proud of! Thank you to everyone who visited Swallowtails Class.

Children's Mental Health Week

We have spoken a lot about our mental health this week, and how we can look after it. We took part in a number of different mindful activities today, with choices of colouring, mazes, reflection activities and games. 


Swallowtails Class shared our learning about Jesus' miracles in our class collective worship at Church. We shared these by role playing different bible stories, including telling the story of lent. We also sang ‘My Lighthouse’ to share the importance of Jesus to Christians. We were really proud of ourselves, especially how confidently we spoke in front of everyone at church.

My Lighthouse

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Swallowtails have been learning about length. During an investigation we measured using rulers and metre sticks how far our cars could travel using a ramp. We then looked at which car went the furthest and thought about why that might be. Some groups took their investigating further to see if the distance changed depending on the height of the ramp or the size of their vehicle.


We have been learning about the miracles of Jesus. We recreated some of the bible stories as role plays which we will perform at our Church Service next week.


Some of Swallowtails built 3D shapes out of different items (including sweets!) to support our understanding of nets. We worked really hard and built cubes, cuboids and triangular prisms!

Geography / Outdoor Learning

Swallowtails learned about the eight points of the compass this week, and tested their knowledge in Geography by using a compass to direct each other around the school grounds. We then enjoyed testing this knowledge during our outdoor learning, by designing imaginary world maps that fit with the school grounds.


Swallowtails have been developing their knowledge of pivoting and footwork rules in the game of netball this week. We practised stopping, pivoting and then passing the ball using chest pass, bounce pass or overhead pass. We are also improving our teamwork skills and making sure that we gained the attention of the person passing the ball and were ready to receive it.

Outdoor Learning

We had a great afternoon exploring our outdoor areas! We learned about making safe choices when climbing trees, and played games on the field using our sense of hearing while blindfolded.


We made the most of some winter sunshine and completed some of our Maths learning outside! Some of us took part in 'decimal races' to consolidate our understanding of rounding, while others used the outside area to find examples of parallel and perpendicular lines.


We completed the next season in our longitudinal study of the school pond. We repeated our activities from Autumn, and drew the pond as well as taking part in pond dipping. Although we found some water lice, we were not surprised the icy conditions meant that this was all we found. We look forward to do this again in Spring.

Outdoor Learning

In our outdoor learning session, we used natural resources to recreate scenes from our class text of 'Anansi'. We thought carefully about how we could show what was happening in different parts of the book, and how we could show the emotions of the characters.


We have been learning about the seven continents and five oceans. We learned songs that taught us key facts about their size and where they are in the world. We then tested our knowledge by completing world map jigsaws, placing the continents and oceans in the correct locations.


We started our new Listen2Me instrument...the clarinet! We learned about the woodwind instrument family, the names of the parts of the clarinet and 'The Clarinet Song'. We look forward to learning to play a range of pieces this term.


We started our Geography unit by investigating where Mrs Clark had been on holiday! We used our knowledge to work out that she had been to the continent of Africa, and this will be our geography focus this term.


Swallowtails started the term by reading the myth 'Anansi The Spider'. We took it in turns to role play as the main character and ask him some questions, and then we created a conscience alley to think about whether the decisions that he makes are the right ones.