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Spring 1

As part of our Geography learning, we investigated natural disasters. We discovered how volcanoes are formed and then produced models to demonstrate how they erupt.

The children combined patience, hand-eye coordination and maths skills in their first game of Boccia (Bot-cha), the children's enthusiasm was clearly evident from all the giggles.

As part of our Animals (including humans) unit in Science, Emperors have been exploring the process of digestion and in particular absorption. They were able to demonstrate this process, using biscuits, juice and tights.

We linked our Science learning with our PE today. We measured our resting heart rate and decided which exercise would raise our heart rate. We then measured our heart rate again, also noting our appearance and feelings following the exercise.

Having revised our 8 point compass understanding the children used our amazing grounds to find the directions and distance from point to point.

As part of our Geography learning and answering the question 'Are all Natural Disasters Natural?' WE had a virtual workshop with The Natural History Museum. The children became scientists investigating different volcanoes. They used their understanding of volcanoes to decide if and when a city should be evacuated, thankfully they were correct in their evaluations.

Emperors classed braved the elements to practise their common factors outside. Using hoops and chalk they found all the common factors required.

This week we have focused on our new text 'When the giant stirred' we have roleplayed as islanders and commentated on the emotional aspects of a volcano stirring and finally erupting. In Geography we have been reading maps and identifying keys and map symbols. During computing we discussed the features of different videos, headshots, panning, close-ups, audio, setting, captions etc. Our PE this week has been using direction and speed to move during our Tag Rugby lessons. The children enjoyed playing chain catcher and octopus.

Outdoor Learning saw the children mapping out the trees in the school grounds as part of a national study. The children identified the trees from examining the branches, shape of tree and the leaves.