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So today I was with green group in Admirals, and first of all, I heard about Old Seth the flea who wanted to show the other fleas that he could jump as high as a horse!  I'm getting wriggly just thinking about fleas - are you?
Next I heard The Chamber of Treasures, where Max, Cat, Ant and Tiger are inside the pyramid trying to find Nok.  There are ruby cages full of treasure, and Nok is trapped in a cage!   You'll have to read it to find out how he escapes!
Lastly, I listened to Dog Overboard where Bones the dog was barrel-walking and got swept overboard.  He drifted onto an island and had to make a lookout and a bonfire to signal to people that he was there.  Poor Bones!  I hope he found something good to eat until he was rescued.  If I was on a desert island, I'd go fishing for my dinner!  I love fish!
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