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Murphy's Visit

Hi there,


So today I was on the mat with the Admirals again, and I heard all about The Rainbow Machine.  In fact, I heard it twice because two different children read it to me!  I always wondered who made rainbows, and now I know!  There are seven people in a big truck, and one of them is called Fred.  He's training to be a rainbow maker, and there were some funny rainbows to start with - one had straight sides!
Then I listened to The Secret Whirlpool where Breni calmed the whirlpool down just by singing to it.  I tried that at the seaside once when the waves were huge and not calm at all, but they didn't listen to me!
Finally I heard about more adventures with Nok and his micro-friends on Planet Exis, and then before I know it, reading time was over and it was time for me to go!  See you next time!
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love Murphy