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Netball and Football Match

On Wednesday afternoon children from the football and netball clubs headed to Awbridge for a match.

After a short warm up and some team tactic decisions it was time to get started. As the netball team stepped onto the court it became clear that we were 2 players down - a quick regroup saw 7 players head back onto the court with the chance to practise in some new positions!

The footballers played two 10 minute halves with each member of the football club getting a chance to play in the match. Considering we were vastly outnumbered by year 5/6 players we put up a valiant effort and all the children enjoyed and learnt so much from the match.

Back on the netball court, with four 5 minute quarters the children got chance to play in a variety of positions perfecting their shooting, attacking and defending skills. Following some ace shooting Lockerley were crowned the victors.

Well done to all the children that represented their school - you did yourselves and us proud. frown